Suaid Region: Reed House Builders

Date: 1951-58

Wilfred Thesiger (d. 2003) describes the relocation of a settlement of the nomadic Suaid group near the Iranian border. The houses were dismantled, and taken by boat to a new site. Thesiger describes the process of tying together the five structural ribs and the attaching of the horizontal bundles. Mats were added over the surface and tied in place. He provides two photographs of this process. See also: Mat Maker; Coracle Maker; Brickmaker.

Citation: Wilfred Thesiger, The Marsh Arabs (London: The Folio Society, 2004. First edition: London: Longman, 1964), p. 147. Illustrations appear between pp. 142, 143 (images: 774.1, 13661.1).