Nineveh (vicinity of): Gypsum Burners

Date: Early nineteenth century

A village near the ancient site of Nineveh was involved in the processing of gypsum. The process was described by Claudius Rich (d. 1821). The stone was collected, burnt in kilns, and crushed using animals and a heavy roller. See also: Brick maker; Mason; Quarrier; Builder; Plaster Maker; Limestone and Gypsum Burners.

Citation: Moorey, Peter, Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries. The archaeological Evidence (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994), p. 330. Citing Claudius Rich (d. 1821), Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan, and on the Site of ancient Nineveh; with Journal of a Voyage down the Tigris to Bagdad and an Account of a Visit to Shirauz and Persepolis (London: J. Duncan, 1836), II, p. 71.