Mosul: Calligraphers

Date: 1306-11

A thirty-part Qurʾan for sultan Öljaytü was produced in Mosul between 1306 and 1311. The name of the scribe (who may also have illuminated the manuscript) is given as ʿAli b. Muhammad b. Zayd, who claimed to be a descendant of the fourth caliph, ʿAli b. Abi Talib. The manuscript is now dispersed in several collections across Istanbul as well as the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. See also: Bookbinders; Scribes; Painters; Paper Makers.

Citation: David James, Qurʾāns of the Mamlūks (London: Alexandria Press in association with Thames & Hudson, 1988), pp. 99, 100, 102, 105-108, 237 (cat. 42).