Karbalaʾ: Glass Workers

Date: 1969

James Underwood writes about the glass worker Haji Seyed Asghar Sobhani, and records that he worked on a great Shiʿite shrine in Karbalaʾ, Iraq. See Also: Collector of Sand; Coloured-Glass Window Maker; Glass Blower; Glass Maker; Glass Painter; Lamp Maker.

Citation: Underwood, James. “Naranjestan,” Kayhan International (19 March 1969), p. 4. Reproduced in Jay Gluck and Noël Siver, eds, Surveyors of Persian Art: A documentary Biography of Arthur Upham Pope and Phyllis Ackerman (Ashiya: Survey of Persian Art, 1996),  pp. 486-87.

Also: Milwright, Marcus. Islamic Arts and Crafts: An Anthology (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017), p. 227.