Hira: Relief-Moulded Pottery Makers

Date: After c. 774

An inscription on an unglazed, relief-moulded vessel found in Raqqa, Syria, records Hira as the place of manufacture. This refers to the decorative mould, while the vessel itself could have been made in either Hira or Raqqa. The inscription states that patron was one of the caliph’s sons, amir Sulayman. The maker is named as Ibrahim al-Nasrani (i.e. “the Christian”). See also: Glazed Pottery Manufacturer; Potter.

Citation: Miglus, Peter, ed. Ar-Raqqa I: Frühislamische Keramik von Tall Aswad (Mainz am Rhein: Philipp Von Zabern, 1999), pp. 57-58.

Also: Milwright, Marcus. Islamic Arts and Crafts: An Anthology (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017), pp. 49-51.