Basna: Embroiderers

Date: mid-twelfth century

In his Nuzhat al-mushtāq fi ikhtirāq al-afāq, al-Idrisi (d. 1164) refers to embroidered clothes produced for the sultan in Basna, and carrying an inscription reading ‘made in Basna.’ Similar embroidered garments were made in Barthun and Kaliwan and also carried inscriptions naming the place of manufacture. See also: Weaver; Dyer, Tailor; Brocade Maker.

Citation: Al-Idrisi, Abu ʿAbd Allah Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Sharif. Kitāb Nuzhat al-mushtāq fi-ikhtirāq al-afāq (Cairo: Maktabat al-Thaqafa al-Diniyeh, 2002), p. 397.