Baghdad: Goldsmiths

Date: 903-904

Al-Hilal al-Sabiʾ (d. 1056) in his Kitāb al-Wuzarāʾ records the imperial budget for 291 (903-904) in Baghdad. The craftsmen listed in this document include goldsmiths (ṣāgha). See also: Silversmiths; Coppersmiths; Copper Beaters; Inlayers.

Citation: Al-Hilal al-Sabiʾ (d. 1056) in his Kitāb al-Wuzarāʾ, ed. H. F. Amedroz (Leiden: Brill, 1904), p. 17. Translated in R. B. Serjeant, ‘Material for a history of Islamic textiles up to the Mongol conquest,’ Ars Islamica 9 (1942), p. 73.

Date: 1933

Yuhanna Nashmi provides a photograph of a gold ring with an engraved portrait of King Ghazi (r. 1933-39) inlaid in niello. The piece was made by the Mandaean artisan, Hussni Zahroon in 1933. See also: Silversmith; Jeweller; Copper Engraver; Copper Beater.

Citation: Yuhanna Nashmi, “Resonances: Objects, lives, stories of Liverpool,” Liverpool Regional Museum. Exhibition pamphlet issued in c. 2016. (last consulted: 15 January 2022).