Baghdad: Glass Cutters

Date: before 994

The judge Tanukhi (d. 994) records that a glass cutter who has learned grammar from al-Mubarrad (d. 998) was able to earn between one and one third to one and a half dirhams per day for this trade. See also: Glass Blower; Engraver; Carpenter; Potter.

Citation: Tanukhi, Nishwār al-Muḥāḍara, The Table Talk of a Mesopotamian Judge, ed. and trans. D. S. Margoliouth (London: Oriental Translation Fund, 1921), pp. 134, 147. Quoted in R. B. Serjeant, ‘Material for a history of Islamic textiles up to the Mongol conquest,’ Ars Islamica 9 (1942), p. 74.