al-Hiba: Pliers of Thread

Date: 1960s

Women are primarily responsible for plying thread into yarn. They use a larger spindle (mabarim). Unlike with smaller spindles, the notch on those made for plying are always at the top. When men take part in plying they attach the centre of the thread to a stake or wall, hold the ends between the thumb and forefinger on their left hand, and rub upward on the thread against the left palm using the right. See also: Loom Maker; Maker of Spindles; Weaver; Yarn Spinner; Woven Spinner and Knitter; Wool Weaver; Dyer.

Citation: Ochsenschlager, Edward. Iraq’s Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2004), pp. 221-22.