Al-Hamza: Rug Makers

Date: 2015

The article describes the establishment of a factory to train women in the manufacture of traditional woven rugs. See also: Weaver; Spinner; Dyer; Embroiderer.

Citation: Wassim Bassem, “The last of Iraq’s hand-woven carpets,” Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East, 9 June 2015: (last consulted: 16 January 2022).

Date: c. 2017

The article describes the carpet market of al-Hamza, and the decline of the traditional weaving of woollen rugs and other items, such as embroidered saddles. The workshops are located in the vicinity of the market, but few were operating profitably. See also: Weaver; Dyer; Spinner.

Citation: Sarah Benhaida, “Traditional carpet weaving in central Iraq unravels,” Times of Israel, 5 November 2017: (last consulted: 16 January 2022).